Yonka Galbol 190

Yonka Galbol 190

Galbol 190

with hop and horsetail extracts
Deeply firm - Hydrates
Body - bust - décolleté - neck
This is both a preventive and curative hydra-firming activator to support vulnerable tissues to loose elasticity.

  • Lightweight concoction penetrates delightfully,
  • helps to strengthen and tone your most feminine contours,
  • works to shape the curves of your décolleté and breast,
  • uplifting all-citrus and fresh herbs aroma.

Main ingredients:  Horsetail, sage, hop, rosemary, white nettle, coltsfoot, lemon, silicon derivative and active moisturizing ingredients.
►Apply daily after showering by splashing to the whole body and bust. Penetrate gently but actively on targeted zones.

Weight: 50 g
Price: $72.00